PETRIK AND HIS DOUBLES MOSS AND ROSSI (translated by Gary Goldberg)


Petrik has started a new, but old as the world, campaign for glory and money. There is nothing better than giving people life. And not an ordinary one, but a young and healthy life. It is by this route that Petrik has now gone. Thus, well-deserved gratitude is being achieved from the people, bypassing scientists of the academic community who are not capable of understanding the flights of genius of Petrik and therefore envy him and try to besmirch his great discoveries.

The President, too, is not able to encompass the magnitude of Petrik's discoveries, and therefore at the general meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences on 22 May 2012 he said, "It is necessary to do everything to remove that which discredits the scientific community and to fight that which preys on science. I want to especially note in this connection the principled position of the RAS's Commission to Fight Pseudoscience".

See: (in Russian)

It is well known how three years ago the Commission to Fight Pseudoscience headed by Academician Kruglyakov fought Petrik himself, but the latter tried everything to get the courts to find the academicians guilty of ruining his business reputation, so it is completely obvious what Putin's words are referring to by "to fight that which preys on science".

And here is a new phase of the struggle. In this case, Petrik's struggles against science, but also for his own reputation, which is inseparable from [his] income.

Petrik had no luck with the filters and a third faucet in all homes with healing water. And only because former Speaker of the Duma Gryzlov, his chief patron and co-inventor of the filters, lost trust and fell into the pit. Just because of the Petrik affair.

The filters previously installed in children's institutions of Novgorod Oblast without any testing have been dismantled. For some reason he long ago stopped making the tons of platinum produced by Petrik from the scrap of the Noril'sk works. And indeed there is no use for tons here - it's good just to find the hundreds of kilograms of platinum stolen at the State Optics Institute and the Astrakhan' Fiberglass Plant. For some reason the Louvre did not accept the highly-artistic cameo portraits of sheiks and patriarchs on sapphire in its collection, and Swarovski did not buy their output. You can say that Swarovski is strange when his own Ministry of Defense did not buy the spinel armor made by Petrik especially for the fatherland's defense for $50 million. More than a year ago the inventor threatened to sell the secrets to America if the Minister did not change his mind. But the enemy is clever and also did not buy them.

Therefore Petrik has begun a new epic, saving people from cancer.


We read the headline and the best pieces from publications placed in Nanonews, in Argumenty Nedeli [Arguments of the Week] (paid for by Petrik), and then somewhere else:

"American foundations are interested in Petrik's developments".

At the bidding of US business and government circles Dr. Ralph Moss, who has received world recognition as the author of 12 scientific monographs devoted to the problem of cancer, who has researched traditional and alternative strategies for treating cancer for over 35 years, visited Viktor Petrik's laboratory.

Before beginning the excited assessments of Petrik which the world author of 12 monographs Ralph Moss has made we will nevertheless check who he in fact is. This is necessary since we know well who Petrik is.

Ralph Walter Moss (born May 6, 1943) is an American author whose writings advocate alternative cancer treatments. Moss served as a science writer and assistant director of public affairs at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in the 1970s. He was fired in 1977 by Sloan-Kettering after publicly accusing the institution of suppressing information on laetrile, a now-discredited alternative cancer treatment. He has subsequently served on the advisory board of the Office of Alternative Medicine, and he markets "Moss Reports" promoting various forms of alternative medicine at a cost of several hundreds dollars per report.

And so Moss is no scientist, and no specialist in the field of cancer.

He is a journalist and his PhD degree relates to journalism, to philosophy.

The phrase, "and you're not a PhD" related exactly to Moss.

And he is not an author of 12 monographs but the compiler of a single book, "The Cancer Industry" in which he tells how they make fools of our own people, the cancer patient, the official doctors with their surgical knives, cobalt guns, and chemotherapy. And what is more he is not a representative of the government or any mysterious foundations.

Bearing this in mind we listen to what Moss says about Petrik's achievements.

"What I saw in those three days I have never before seen in my life.

And everything was absolutely open, everything is demonstrated and explained how it works. In my career of more than 40 years I have met many great people in the whole world…But I am absolutely stunned by that stream of ideas and inventions which I heard in those three days, and each new invention which was told and shown was more and more interesting. I think with satisfaction, I would have to cooperate with Mr. Petrik to show the world his absolutely surprising means of thinking, of seeing a problem, and as a result this gives enormous satisfaction to cancer patients in the whole world".

The nonsensical expressions of the alternative oracle yield to translation in understandable language only with difficulty.

During the three days in Petrik's estate Moss saw what he had never seen.

This is completely possible. For example, he had never before seen Petrik.

Moss wash shocked at the stream of ideas. That's also like the truth.

Petrik is capable of swamping not just Moss with his ideas but his surroundings.

It is quite possible that it became more and more interesting to Moss.

Things led to dinner in a restaurant.

But to establish in three days that Petrik's ideas cure cancer is not given even to the consultant Moss. Cancer is not removed in three days.

It's possible to die in three days, but to be cured, no. It is true that Moss speaks cleverly. He says that he, Moss, would like "to show the world his (Petrik's) completely surprising way of thinking, of seeing the problem, and as a result this gives enormous satisfaction to cancer patients in the whole world".

Do you see how cleverly he speaks? The surprising way of thinking of the Russian genius "to give enormous satisfaction to cancer patients in the whole world". Where does Moss promise recovery from cancer?

But Moss promises a completely real thing: cancer patients will receive enormous satisfaction from showing the world the surprising way of thinking of Mr. Petrik. And if patients do not receive enormous satisfaction from this? Well, this is their problem. They needed to get it.

What is the essence of the new thinking of Petrik? It is considerably newer than Gorbachev's. The latter wanted only to renovate socialism and show its fresh face to the whole world, but this person want to give much more. For example, not only to remove cancer, but also to extend life to 280 years with the aid of miracle-working and formerly radioactive waters from his filters under Gryzlov's patronage.

Although all this is in the past, it is better to forget about Gryzlov.

Petrik himself is now 65 and the oversized sleeper car awaits him. The filters are stuffed with the magical rot of UVSR (carbon mixture of high chemical reactivity - reactive in the most direct, medieval sense of the word). If one is to believe Petrik, stuffed with graphenes, for which Petrik should have received the Nobel Prize, but Geim and Novoselov stole the prize. Granted, the filters were killed and they removed the name Shoygu from them and the holy words MChS [Shoygu's Ministry of Emergency Situations], but the UVSR
(it's graphene) remained! Fluffy and black as soot, and soft as fiberglass. And here, one can eat this Carbon Mixture of High Chemical Reactivity! What Petrik more than once demonstrated (to Moss, too). He takes a handful and eats. And he drinks water from the filter. He smacks his lips and says it tastes good, nourishing, and cheap.

Here comes the highly-scientific part for the chosen. He says that the graphenes absorb everything harmful in the organism. All the cancer cells.

And take them out of the body. And so that there is no contamination of the sewer system we will install our filters with UVSR in them. They will keep the UVSR they have swallowed and separate them from the fecal matter.

We will eat this UVSR again, and fill the filters with part of it again.

A closed biological cycle results. It is good in that it requires no expenditure of outside energy and it very suitable for interplanetary flight and also for the colonization of Mars. That's it, a voyage with the aid of sewage.

Well, we've jumped ahead. What was said is the not so distant future.

But for the time being Petrik expresses himself even more scientifically.

In 2009 he proposed his not altogether scientific method of treating cancer.

I cite the most striking:

An excerpt from the 22 April 2009 meeting of the participants of the trustee council of the "Innovation and Technology" show-sponsored Forum.

The program "Alpha-emitting Drugs for Nuclear Medicine"
"One of the radical methods in the treatment of malignant tumors is therapy using radionuclides. However, at the present time the beta-emitting nuclides used in nuclear medicine have a low radiotherapeutic effectiveness and a damaging side effect on the patient's organism. The use of alpha-emitting radionuclides opens up the possibility of radically changing the potential of radiotherapy in the field of cancer treatment.

At the present time in the minimal quantities of reactor 223Ra available to radiologists the exceptionally high therapeutic effectiveness of its use has been displayed in the treatment of the most diverse forms of cancer: prostate, breast, bone metastases, and an anti-tumor effect on the cells of abnormal areas, a lessening of the pain syndrome during palliative therapy of bone metastases, and an increase of lifespan.

However, at the present time only 223Ra, separated from 227As, a product of the irradiation of Ra-226, has a prospect of industrial production.

At the same time it has historically developed such that practically all the world's reserve (about 1.5 kg) belongs to Russia. Seventy-four grams of this 226Ra were irradiated in a reactor in the 1960s.

Russia also has the necessary industrial and technological ability (reactors, technological infrastructure of atomic and science centers).

There are efforts which hypothesize the possibility of the targeted delivery of drugs directly to the abnormal area".

Do you see how scientific it is? Petrik (well, his science hacks) write about 223RA and do not even explain what it is. It is so clear to scientists but it is not necessary for laymen to know. Nevertheless, we'll recollect: isn't it just radium? Rather, one of its isotopes, Radium-223, which is customarily designated Ra-223, not Petrik's absurd 223Ra. Radium is extraordinarily rare. From the moment of its discovery, more than a century ago, only a total of about 1.5 kg of pure radium and all its isotopes have been extracted in the entire world. However, the problem is not that it is rare, but that the isotope Ra-223, with which Petrik proposes to treat cancer patients, has a half-life of 11.4 days! And in 23 days it practically no longer exists. That is, it decays very rapidly and, by the way, generates strong radiation and giving off the radioactive gas radon in the process.

It is basically impossible to use it to irradiate a patient. And all because it is extraordinarily rare (and, this means, expensive), and because it is not stored, and because it is dangerous. Maria Sklodowska-Curie, who discovered radium (which is much less toxic than its main isotope, Ra-226), died from radiation. The polonium-210 of the same uranium series as radium which rapidly took KGB defector Litvinenko to the grave, is considerably weaker in radioactivity.

Among other things, the Russian Academy of Sciences commission headed by Academician Tartakovsky which investigated the "discoveries" of Petrik in April 2010 said this to this breakthrough of Petrik's in the treatment of cancer:
"Generally-known information is cited, with several inaccuracies, in the text reported by V. I. Petrik about the problem of alpha-emitting drugs for nuclear medicine. V. I. Petrik has no publications or patents in the subject under investigation".

More than gentle. For Petrik's babbling about the treatment of cancer with radium would be classified in Stalin's time as wrecking on an especially large scale. The main thing is not in the rarity and expensiveness of Radiu-223, but just in how to deliver this radium as a source of alpha-emissions directly to the needed site, right into the tumor. Or to swallow like UVSR, but will the clever radium there under Petrik's guidance find the way itself? Well, if we were talking about the treatment of Litvinenko, then it would find it. But how it would be with other, not so deserving patients?
Many have asked this question, including Petrik's current supporter, the first Soviet millionaire Artem Tarasov. He does not yet know how to deliver drugs to tumors but then he thought up how to deliver the writer Moss to Petrik posing as an important scientist. The trinity which has gathered is far from holy.

PETRIK AND HIS DOUBLES MOSS AND ROSSI (translated by Gary Goldberg)

is used to designate such a phenomenon.

PETRIK AND HIS DOUBLES MOSS AND ROSSI (translated by Gary Goldberg)

Rossi (see photo) asserts that his E-cat installation produces electrical power using a fusion reaction in which hydrogen, nickel, and a catalyst are involved, the composition of
which are kept in the deepest secrecy.

Rossi's glee is growing. But he is not giving out the secret of his little suitcase. Nobel Laureate Josephson, who supports Rossi, writes, "The thought that people want to steal
his secrets is a an obsession of Rossi's, leading him to a suspicious attitude toward various statements, for example, that of Celani who, in my opinion, he not entirely correctly
described as "an enemy".

In the course of our discussion I did not get the feeling of a conversation with a swindler, an image which is ascribed to Rossi".
Petrik, who lets no one in on his "secrets", is similarly pathologically cautious. The main thing in which is that there are no secrets there.

By the fall of 2012, according to Rossi's assurances, one will be able to buy an E-cat installation which will supply energy to an entire household, heat water, provide heat and air conditioning, etc. (in the picture is Rossi's generator "for home and family").

PETRIK AND HIS DOUBLES MOSS AND ROSSI (translated by Gary Goldberg)

Petrik is delighted with Rossi. He has written a whole article about him. In it he says:

"If such a phenomenon has been discovered then it means that a new era has come of the existence a fortunate humanity steeped in reason.

When this is done
cold nuclear fusion will have far more significant geopolitical consequences than the development of the energy of nuclear fission.

One of Petrik's followers, his old sword-bearer Vyacheslav Meshcheryakov, admits the cherished idea of Petrik that indeed Petrik invented cold fusion.

He writes:
There are interesting facts which allow one to think that V. I. Petrik might be the predecessor of Rossi in creating the Italian version of LENR (low-temperature nuclear reactions). The problem is that six or seven years ago Petrik demonstrated an experiment: while injecting hydrogen into an absorbent, a Carbon Mixture of High Reactive Capacity (UVSR) with a catalyst spread on it in the form of palladium, nickel, and other things, the mixture is heated, although because of the constricting effect of the hydrogen one could suppose its cooling. This experiment has been described in popular literature, and repeatedly recorded on video which is still on the Internet.

On the other hand, during these same years Petrik had a research laboratory in Milan to research the properties of UVSR and the areas of its application.

Therefore it is completely likely that Rossi could have picked up Petrik's ideas about the use of nano-sized graphite with nickel as a catalyst and working medium to obtain surplus energy.

Another of Petrik's followers, the "scientist" Leonov, gets straight to the point:

However paradoxical it may be, but the fates of Viktor Petrik and Andrea Rossi are alike in that both of them are from the hungry postwar generation and both were subjected to imprisonment at about the same time, for the same length of sentence. Here in Russia Krugylakov's commission was not originally set up to search for scientific truth in the works of Petrik.

I submit that whatever fuss they make, if Petrik had hinted about research in the field of cold fusion which, I think he is pursuing, but in deepest secrecy, making a show of demonstrating just his filters publicly.

Under the user name of Nikolaishche, Petrik asserts: V. I. Petrik is a genius, I am not joking. He approaches the solution of any problem in an unconventional way. This is an inborn quality.

Here is how Rossi himself describes his theory:

We have forced a proton, or the nucleus of an atom of hydrogen, to appear at extremely high pressures, concentrating its mass on an incredibly small surface…At this stage these particles are so close to one another that their quantum status can change and begin to produce gamma rays"
The scientist Rossi concludes his speech with the words, "I do not understand what I said- I hope that you will understand me".

Those who believe in Andrea Rossi say that at the current prices for energy the E-cat installation pays for itself in several months, depending on the amount of energy needed, and afterwards will supply the consumer with practically free energy for 30 years.

In January 2011 Andrea Rossi and his colleague Sergio Focardi asserted that they have successfully demonstrated a commercially profitable cold nuclear fusion installation, the so-called Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat). Physicists and journalists present were not allowed to familiarize themselves with the reacting core of the reactor under the pretext of a commercial secret.

According to Rossi and Focardi, "The hydrogen is heated at a given temperature with an ordinary electric heater. When the combustion temperature is reached the energy production process begins: atoms of hydrogen penetrate the nickel and transform it into copper"

From the point of view of physics all this is a complete absurdity. Rossi's installation was connected to some sort of cable, which was supposedly needed for power and the initial warming up of the reactor. However, the cable was not disconnected during the entire experiment. All succeeding experiments were conducted the same way.

The Swedish technical journal Ny Teknik surveyed their colleagues on the subject on reactions to this report. "The result: 2/3 do not believe this". After this demonstration Benjamin Radford, an analyst of the Discovery Channel, wrote, "In many aspects cold nuclear fusion is like a perpetual motion machine. The principles of this device challenge the laws of physics, but this does not stop people from periodic statements that they have invented something incredible".

During 2011 under the aegis of the University of Bologna Rossi held several more public exhibitions of his apparatus. Each time additional energy appeared, explained by the flow of the cold nuclear reaction of obtaining copper from nickel in the presence of hydrogen. And each time the inventor did not allow a certain power "initiating" cable to be disconnected from the installation. The only "independent monitoring" of the instrument reading and other aspects of the system's operation, besides the creators of the installation themselves, was by a certain unnamed American engineer allegedly representing a client interested in purchasing the E-cat. Journalists were shown pressure gauges with arrows and graphs on notebook computers. There were no details, and nothing at all except a "commercial secret".

In order not to lose its reputation the University of Bologna cancelled the contract with Andrea Rossi.

Rossi afterwards unexpectedly declared that the E-cat apparatus was not ready for the production of electrical power. "A minimum of two more years is needed to finalize all research and calculations", declared the fan of Husserl. It is a shame that the philosopher himself died long ago. He could have said that Husserl and he are very different people.

Not a single science journal has accepted Andrea Ross's and Focardi's fantasies for publication. Well, that's no tragedy. They have started their own publication on the Internet and call it Journal of Nuclear Physics.

It sounds respectable. And there they publish whatever they want. There, too, is a similarity with Petrik: the latter publishes a "monograph" under the name "Spinel" at his own expense, bypassing all publishing procedures, with a false publisher's imprint.

An instructor of physics at Lund University in Sweden wrote about Rossi in the journal Ny Teknik: "I am convinced that this whole story is one big swindle and it will be exposed in less than a year".

Meanwhile: paydirt. Rossi is concluding contracts for the delivery of his marvel and is selling them on condition of payment in advance for future use. There is one more important condition: don't try to grasp and don't try to understand how his reactor is built. Do not open it in any case (then the contract is broken with payment of a penalty by the violator).

In February 2011 Rossi announced an agreement with a newly-formed Greek company, Defkalion Green Technologies. According to Rossi, the agreement provided for the delivery of a one-megawatt boiler unit which was to have started up in October 2011. But it wasn't started up. In August 2011 Rossi announced that he was tearing up the contract with Defkalion. The Greeks simply had not begun to pay for a pig in a poke. Well, OK, now the Greeks don't have enough to pay for an Italian's swindle.

(in the photo to the left is the main instrument of Rossi's installation, a boiler pressure gauge and steam pipes).

The management of MIT acted wisely: now they are not obstructing work on CNF. Quite the opposite: today in MIT an instrument is being demonstrated with the abbreviation NANOR, which has supposedly been producing an energy output 14 times the energy input for four months. Dr. Hagelstein has offered anyone who wishes to visit MIT and study the operation of the instrument.

But somehow no delight has been heard about this NANOR. Isn't that the same cable attached to the American instrument that's attached to Rossi's machine?

PETRIK AND HIS DOUBLES MOSS AND ROSSI (translated by Gary Goldberg)

There's also something like Petrik's appeals to visit his laboratory and see with one's own eyes how his second-class perpetual motion machine works. Up to now no independent scientific groups have reproduced the result of Rossi and Focardi. Now representatives of Energy Catalyzer are holding talks with Home Depot, the huge hardware chain, about starting sales of "household" E-cat reactors at the end of this year.

True, they were saying the same thing at the beginning of last year.

Work continues. Money is being collected as prepayment for a marvel. When enough is collected then it is quite possible that Rossi will disappear as always happens with the duck in the experiments of the inimitable David Copperfield.


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