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Everyone needs to have the most unique plant at home as kalanchoe. You can to hear different names of it like the room doctor or the tree of life.

The kalanchoe is most useful to humans than many others. We may to use it for medical goals such as cuts, cough and cold. Also one can take it for aesthetic purposes because of its beauty.

This plant has thick leaves. Some types of leaves may to be long, but never so wide. In the land, that has the climate like in Madagascar the plant can grow outdoors. For getting the bright colorful flowers on your kalanchoe in home several time in year, you must to know what care this plant needs.

In nature the kalanchoe grows in tropic with high humidity. Usually the plant gather a moisture and can to use it in the future. That is why the home types of the kalanchoe doesn`t need for most special care but can gives us his healing power.

If you want to take one of this plant for your home, you may cut it and implant into the ground. The bulbils of this plant may to propagate very easy.

For successful growing the kalanchoe doesn`t need for very sunlight place in your home. You may choose the corner with the half-shade or diffuse light. Under the sun leaves of plant may to became slightly red that is why the window of east or west will be the fit. The kalanchoe doesn`t like very intensive sunlight.

In the winter will be the best to put your flower on the east or southeast window, because without obvious lack of lighting the leaves will to stretch and sick.

In summer period the best temperature conditions will be about 23-25 degree and in winter from 12 to 16°С. The plant may to stay outdoor all the summer-autumn season. The flower likes the fresh air very much. It doesn`t need the special handle this time but it is necessary to watering the plant more intense.

If you need to be absent a long time the plant may to stay this period without water.

The kalanchoe doesn`t like the overwatering. The ground in the pot must should dry out absolutely because the root may becomes taint.

Quite impossible to spray the plant especially when the air is cold. If you want to clean the dust of the leaves you may to wash it under the shower. Also it is useful to wipe leaves with soft cloth.

Everyone who has the kalanchoe at home must to remember to do cut off sick leaves regularly. If the cuttings are strong and green you may use these for rooting.

Approximately once a month the kalanchoe needs to get feed. You may take the bloomy for succulents. Don`t use too many fertilizing and never feed it in winter.

If you have right care for your flower this plant will grow up very quickly. Then you will need to do replanting for it usually once a year. The March is the best month for it.

Everyone who has regularly care for the plant will see it`s beautiful flowers often and will use it for maintain health. Really the kalanchoe is the best plant for home.

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