How to Become VIP at Social Media: Personal Guide on SNP and Its Improvement


The potential advertisers measure the attraction of your accounts on the basis of SNP. It stands for “social networking potential” and depends on the interest of other users. The more people follow your social media, the better are the results of advertising.

Usually the best SNP accounts belong to celebrities and other well-known people, who have numerous followers. However, social media offers great opportunities for almost every user. So, to get an appropriate account for successful promotion of brands, services or products, you should start with promoting of account itself.

Become a top author on YouTube

YouTube belongs to the most visited websites worldwide. No wonder, its top channels have high SNP and attract numerous offers for promotion of different types. Creating and developing your channel is not only an entertaining hobby, but also a wise investment. Download interesting videos regularly, and users' views, likes, shares and comments will show, whether your strategy works.

Any YouTube channel can't get popular without helping hand of professionals. Don't be afraid to consult services, like, where you can get views, followers, shares and users' feedback. All these indicators increase both your channel's authority for YouTube and SNP for advertisers. As a result, you become a top author with a long queue of employers.

Stream worldwide with Twitch

Twitch is a popular streaming video platform, which gives wide opportunities for promotion. The target audience of this service consists of video gamers and e-sports fans. It allows advertising both specific industry products and common goods or services. Live streaming is also convenient for your personal promotion and draws the users' attention to your personal brand.

You can stream whatever you like, but the platform's audience is especially interested in gaming-related tournaments, streams and talk shows. Even if your streams fit perfectly into this sphere of interest, don't expect the immediate success. Sometimes users need to buy twitch followers to make their streams recognizable. You should also promote your streams in social media and related websites to create your own community.

Ask and answer with is a popular service, where its users can receive and send questions. It is integrated with a wide range of social media, like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and others. Advertisers use websites like ask fm, as they are quite convenient for successful promotion. Witty and informative answers are a powerful tool for advertising, as well as photos and questions for other users.

Still, to use all these privileges, you should promote your account first. The best start is asking questions to top users and establishing friendly communication with other ones. Motivate people to ask even more questions, using the integration with other social media. Get ready to give witty and sincere answers, inform people of unusual aspects of your life and try to awake the desire to know you better.

Your way to success starts with top social media accounts, which confirms your ability to promote. If you will be insistent and creative enough, in a short time you can cooperate with advertisers, participate in viral marketing or work on promotion of your own brands.


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